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This was a special session for me. My family has been friends with this crew for as long as I can remember.

It all started when the matriarch of this family, Jenna, came to live with my family in Texas, one of her roles being babysitter. I always give her grief because on one occasion, she was babysitting us and I had particular permission to watch a Discovery channel special on reptiles (weird, yes). I was TERRIBLY excited about this. But lo and behold, when we tuned in to the channel, there were credits rolling. Jenna insisted I must have been mistaken about the time zone, there was no way I was allowed to stay up that late, it was over and I must go to bed. I think I protested, I don’t recall. Probably a little lot. Let’s just say there may have been commotion to the point that the parents had to be called. It turned out that I was correct, thank you very much, and got to watch the show after all.

I forgive you Jenna, I forgive you.

I am sure I will be rewarded with like behavior from my own children someday as payment for all the “fun” I put her through. Yikes.

Jenna is someone to be greatly admired. She has struggled with Multiple Sclerosis for years and not long before this photo session, had a pretty severe episode. It was not easy to get around in the rocks and cactus, but she was a trooper and had lots of fun. I also received the best compliment at this session. Their youngest son, Sam, said this photo session was the most fun he had had in a long time. Somehow I doubt this, seeing as he can’t be older than twelve and wears a batman cape everywhere (um, I want to do that), but I will take it! Enjoy!


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