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Musings on Texas + Merci’s senior pics!

This post is mostly to showcase the pictures of my loverly baby sister, but I will take a few moments of your precious time to remind you why Texas is the best (in case you didn’t know). I recently returned from a two week hiatus in my home state. Here, I will share a few observations that I, well, observed. We will call it “4 Things I Love About Texas Summer (and one thing I don’t).”

#1.) Texas SUN

I am fairly certain that the sun in Texas is approximately 32% more intense than anywhere else. This coming from someone who just visited AFRICA. And it is AWESOME. Some may say it is too much to handle, but did you know that it is going to be a high of 60º here in ND on July 14th?!?! I’ll take lip cracking sun any day. I had forgotten how amazing it is to be able to go get the mail and by the time you are back inside you may as well have had a spray tan. The morning after I returned, my husband walks into our bedroom and proclaims, (PC warning: This is probably not the most appropriate descriptive terminology, but it’s what he said so I’m gonna roll with it. You can email him later.) “WOAH, there’s a Mexican in my bed!” SO yes, it is intense, and only made enjoyable by the fact that…

#2.) EVERYONE (well, a lot of people) has a POOL!

Now I know it is not practical to have a pool in North Dakota where you can only use it for 3 days out of the year, but it sure is handy to have one in the backyard which you do not have to share with all the mongrels from the entire town. Some of these said mongrel children sometimes think it is hilarious to clear the pool in a moment’s notice by yelling, “POOP!” You public poolers know what I am talking about. NOT cool. Needless to say, my schedule while I was there consisted of waking up, drinking espresso, going down to the pool, eating lunch, more pool, more espresso, dinner, evening swim, game of Small World, soy latte…you get the picture. And it was great. :)

#3.) Employees at Chick-fil-A (and Chick-fil-A in general)

[Scene 1: Act 1]

*Drives up to menu board.

Random Chick-fil-A employee: Welcome to Chick-fil-A, what can I get for you ma’am?

Me: I will take a 12 piece GRILLED nugget (they have that) with Honey Roasted BBQ sauce (they have that too) and a large unsweet tea please!

Employee: Absolutely! Anything else I can do for you on this fine day?

Me: OH, could you actually make that a half sweet, half unsweet tea?

Employee: MY PLEASURE!

Me: Oh! Why thank you so much!

*Pulls ahead

Employee: Here are your grilled nuggets and your half and half sweet/unsweet tea!

Me: Thank  you!

Employee: MY PLEASURE! Have a fabulous day!


This is not an exaggeration. Like, can I find the Chick-fil-A training academy and send all my children there someday? How amazing would that be?! “Child, would you help me with the dishes, please?” “MY PLEASURE, Mom!” Or how about, “Child, could you bring me breakfast in bed in the morning, oh heck, every morning?!” “MY PLEASURE, Mom!”

We seriously need to look into this.

But honestly, what fast food place have you ever been to where you leave feeling extremely cheerful and positive, whistling a happy tune because of the employee demeanor? I’d say none, except for Chick-fil-A. And it is ALL of them. Pretty amazing.

#4.) Ordinary, aka NON-VAMPIRE, houseflies

Okay, so this is not really something that is unique to Texas, BUT, let me tell you what a relief it was to have a perfectly normal fly land on me and not immediately start munching on my skin! I remember the first time I experienced the North Dakota blood suckers… “Oh hey there little normal house fly on my arm, better fly away or I’ll…WHAT THE!! My arm is BLEEDING!? Get off me you freak of nature!”

Turns out they all do this up here. Totally normal.

Last summer before my son, Ezra, was old enough to know how to swat them away, he came crying to me and I looked down to see droplets of blood oozing from his flesh. It’s awesome.

[Disclaimer: North Dakota is actually pretty fantastic, there are only a FEW little things I might change if I could. And I am glad I still get to visit Texas once in a while. ;)]

#5.) One thing I do NOT miss about Texas summer

One morning I got up, grabbed my shorts off the floor, pulled them on, and a roach fell out onto my foot. Need I say more.


And now, what you really clicked on this post for, Merci Ann’s beautiful pictures!!! We took these while she and my cousins, Jessie and Amanda (pics of them soon), were up here visiting in June. This has been the third year in a row that they have made the trek up here and I have to say, it has been one of the most fun portions of my last few summers! They are SUCH a help and super fun to have around. We had a blast taking these pics, even though I made them venture into a haunted barn with animal skeletons and unidentified bones lying around (true story). Also, we could have fallen through the floor at any point because the integrity of said floor was sketchy at best. But we made it! And the results were worth it, but you can be the judge. Enjoy!





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