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Matt // Senior // Texas Senior Photography

I was determined, in the midst of the holiday hubbub, to get some senior pictures of my little brother Matt while we were in Texas visiting my family over Christmas. Somehow between keeping toddlers from ripping into everyone’s gifts, our father trying to burn the house down when he lit the barbecue chicken on fire (this happened), playing Catan (obvious priority) or any one of the many things going on in the Perry home at one time, we managed to get it done.

Matthew states that he is the best looking of the Perry boys (there are three) because our mother once said that Keith (the oldest) is cute, Jonathan (the next oldest) is handsome, but Matt is cute AND handsome. This is a hotly debated subject. They attempt to confirm their opinions by training their nieces, ages ONE and TWO respectively, to parrot back  “(name of said uncle) is my (best looking, smartest, strongest) uncle!” when prompted. Yes, that confirms it.

Check out these cute AND handsome photos!


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