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Jack // Newborn // North Dakota Photographer

I LOVE taking pictures of firstborn. Maybe it is because I am a firstborn and I bask in the realization of how much my parents awed at my existence. I am utterly shocked that any of us grow up to think we are the center of the universe.

I find it so incredible to watch first time parents take care of these tiny bundles. It is as if they are not quite sure that the little wriggling thing actually belongs to them, or if they should have been allowed to bring it home from the hospital and someone will surely come soon and take it back. Everything is perplexing. The feeding, the diapers, the sleepless nights, all strange and unnatural. I get to see this in a special way. When I take newborn photographs, it is usually within the first few days of life. The exhausted parents have had a few days to adjust to this new normal, but still don’t quite know what to do. It is amazing to watch the instincts kick in as they soothe and feed and nurture these tiny humans to sleep so we can get the perfect picture. Or the not so perfect picture. Every one is a treasure.


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