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Allisa and Weston – An Adoption Story

We have the greatest friends. It’s not a lie.

Moving to rural North Dakota from a much more densely populated Texas was a bit of a leap. I’m pretty sure there are about 150 people in the entire state. That is when half of them are not down south for the winter. Just kidding…sort of.

During our first couple years of marriage, I honestly doubted that we would be able to find the kind of friends that I had always hoped and prayed for. Not only has that prayer been answered, but far above and beyond what I had thought possible. If someone had told me that I would be friends with not one, but several couples, all in the same age demographic, in the same place spiritually with similar values, kids the same ages as ours and everyone gets along brilliantly, I don’t know that I would have believed them. But it is reality and we are truly, truly blessed.

One such family I am going to talk a bit about here. Candace and Jordan came into our lives when I was prego with our first child, Adelaide. Not long after, babies suddenly started appearing everywhere amongst our friends (something about nearing 30 does this to people), one of which was their adopted son, Weston. They desired an open adoption and have kept Weston’s birth mother, Allisa, very much a part of his life. It is seriously amazing to watch their lives interact. Something that I know a lot of people would see as impossible, is happening right here. Weston is one loved little boy.

Candace (she’s in the pics at the end) contacted me a while back about getting some photos of Weston with Allisa for her to have; a very small gift in return for the tremendous gift she was able to give to them. I am just blown away by what an amazing gesture that was. I seriously tear up looking at these. Every. Time. Candace is currently working on a blog that will be primarily for updates on their second adoption (yea!) which they are currently pursuing. She had this to say below about our little photo shoot…what an honor it was for me to be able to be a part of it.

“Allisa is a lovely  young lady who lovingly placed Weston in our arms when he was born. As we celebrate Weston’s second birthday, we also celebrate Allisa, and the brave choice she made. As you can see,  she has so much love for him. And he for her! Open adoption has been a beautiful thing for these two families.  I’m sure you’ve all been anxious to see where Weston gets his good looks from, and here she is. Let me introduce you to Weston’s beautiful Birthmom, Allisa. “


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  • June 9, 2014 - 8:40 pm

    Bobbi Steffens - literally,a picture is worth a thousand word,and these,a million words.What a gift,blessings turning into blessings,looking at them make my eyes tear and my soul smile,an amazing gift given and received!As always, well done Sarah!ReplyCancel

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