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About Me

“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”

– Abraham Lincoln

If anything sums up how I feel about portrait photography, this is it. The majority of my experience with photographs during my teenaged and young adult years came from rummaging through packets of freshly developed photos, which probably originated from any number of disposable cameras, making sure that I grabbed and promptly destroyed the ones I deemed unworthy of the image I had of myself. Looking back now, I wish terribly that I had every single one of those photos. The “perfectly posed, every hair in order” images have their place, don’t get me wrong, but so much is missing. When looking through old photos with your grandchildren, which ones are they going to love, which ones are going to give them a glimpse of what your life was like before they knew you or could remember? Which ones will make them laugh and smile? And make you laugh and smile for that matter? This is what I try to give you through my photography: a snapshot of your life as it was in that moment. Sometimes that may include you bribing your toddler (or husband) with a lollipop to keep him from screaming, a bad hair (or face) day or maybe a teenager who “isn’t that into taking pictures,” but that’s ok. And this is how we all are. I like to think that every moment contains beauty in its own way. I love to capture them all…in an artistic, fun, and aesthetically pleasing manner with the best lighting possible, of course. :)